Katastrophic's 6 Item Challenge!

Announcing Katastrophic's 6 ITEM CHALLENGE! Each person who successfully participates will win a Limited First Edition hand dyed Katastrophic Dream T!

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness on our culture's dependence on Fast Fashion, over consumption, and an over abundance of cheap, trendy clothing rather than well made, beautifully crafted pieces that you can wear often and for a long time.

"The average American purchases nearly 70 pieces of new clothing per year. This equates to new 20 billion garments bought in the US. A mere 2% of this apparel is made in the USA." (https://sixitemschallenge.everydayhero.com/uk/made-in-usa-challenge)


*Choose 6 pieces of clothing to become your entire wardrobe for 4 weeks- March 8- April 5! (This does not include socks, underwear, PJ's, and accessories, of which you may wear as many as you like. You may add a coat or two also out of necessity.)

*Take a picture of your 6 items and post it on Katastrophic's wall by midnight on MARCH 7th, along with the size of Dream T that you want (chose XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL). After that you will have to document your outfit each day with a simple picture (doesn't have to be pretty) which you must turn into a collage (picmonkey.com is an extremely well designed free website that will allow you to do that very easily) and...

*Submit your collage of each day's outfit on Katastrophic's wall by APRIL 7th. Each person who completes this will get one of Katastrophic's Dream T's mailed or personally delivered to them by April 30th!

(The official challenge created by Labor Behind The Label runs March 5- April 17th, essentially during all of Lent. Because I only discovered this idea today and want to make it a little more realistic for you, I've modified the dates.)

This challenge is directly inspired by Made in USA Challenge's 6 Item Challenge which you can read about here: http://madeinusachallenge.com/2014/the-six-item-challenge-for-the-usa/

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