DIY Dress Form Part 3: Padding and Cover

This is the third and final section on making your own DIY dress form!  
(Here is the INTRO post as well as Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.)

What you need for this is a couple of yards of quilt padding, which you can get at most craft stores, and a couple of yards of a very stretchy and elastic knit fabric.  (This is usually called 4 way stretch and has spandex or lycra or elastic or whatever you call it built into it.  It's what you would make a skin-tight body suit out of. The padding is going to make the surface of the form smooth under the cover, and will also give your form a really nice slightly squishy surface, like a real body.  I know you may be worried about the padding adding too much bulk, but comparing measurements to my body it didn't seem to add a very significant amount.  If this is very important to you, you can always shave a bit of your form down in crucial areas before adding the padding.  The stretchy cover also really helps to hold in the puffiness of the padding.