Suit no. 1

Today was a pretty awesome day. I delivered my first custom tailored suit to my client, Keegan, who will be wearing it tomorrow as he delivers his graduation thesis. It's a euphoric feeling to have finished this project. I had a very short time frame to create this suit (I had to work 12 hour days almost every day last week to get it done, and that does not include the time I spent researching and reading up on how to actually draft and construct a suit, or the time spent drafting the pattern, and the two preliminary muslins made to establish the fit). I knew this was going to be the hardest thing I'd attempted, but I've been wanting to learn to do menswear for a long time, and I also have wanted to learn to make pants. Nothing motivates like a deadline, though, so I took on this project to force me to get into those areas. It was definitely hell week for me, but I was right in believing once I was through it, it would be entirely worth it.


Tessa: said...

Well I guess it was worth the long workingdays because it has turned out pretty great. Love the front pockets on that blazer and the fabric looks thick an sturdy but really soft as well!

katastrophic said...

Well thank you! I was super happy with it in the end. The wool suiting was a wonderful fabric to work with- excellent quality and very forgiving. And I loved the rich brown color.